The Truth About Youtube Money


This video goes out to everybody. Anyone who is on Youtube, this is an important one. What do you say we have real talk for a moment? I’m gonna sit down, set the camera on a tripod and we’re gonna talk about youtube money.! we’re gonna talk about how much you can make, All the misinformation out there, all the bullshit, and just all the ignorance that people have towards YouTube, That goes out to your parents, that goes out to you guys, any kids watching me, this is important, so y’all might wanna listen up. So let’s talk about it. For the new and old people on this channel, I’ve created a long-running series called ‘the psycho series.’ It’s like almost 700 videos long, and it is the reason why I’m popular on YouTube.

These videos were portrayed as reality. I did two a day. And trust me, I made a lot of money off of it. The series itself was never intended to make money. It was merely me telling a story. However, inevitably, uploading videos to youtube and as you grow and see bigger numbers, you will make a lot of money from it. Easily one of the biggest plot holes of the story was the character that I played wanted to do YouTube and gaming for a living, that’s definitely an aspiration that a lot of young people have these days however, as the series progressed I in real life started to accumulate money And it started to get to this point where it was a huge plot hole. Because it got to this point where my earnings from YouTube, surpassed what my character needed to pay off his college debt and move out of his house. So let me just first state, Yes. I do make a lot of money off YouTube. And you can too. By no means is this video bragging, I’m gonna tell you my personal story I’m going to tell you how much you guys can make, and why is this so important for me to tell you guys? Because for the longest time this channel has always been intended to have some sort of take-away, a message.

Some type of educational aspect, whether it’s the construction series, whether it’s the job hunting series, the farming series. Or whether it is the series itself that has a message in the end or that has messages through out. You know I’ve always wanted to give something back to you guys and that’s what this video is all about I want to educate you on how much potential there is on this YouTube platform and also I want to inform those such as the parents because I f*cking hear it on a regular and still, and it p*sses me off! ‘Does your son make money off YouTube?’ ‘Ohh you just do YouTube videos, is there any money in that?’ ‘How does that work?’ My personal story is, I graduated from college with a film degree. I owed $70,000 to that college, which is a f*ck ton of money guys.

I was on like a 10 year, 20 year plan to pay it back with monthly payments. Not to mention I was graduating with a brain injury, and I was about to make the leap out to Los Angeles to pursue film and TV with no money to my name so I don’t even know how the f*ck I was gonna move out. You can start to see some similarities with the story. However, through YouTube, I was able to pay of $70,000 dollars worth of debt in almost no time at all. Also I was able to pay some people on top of some of the props we’ve had in the series such as a pool, such as trucks, such as an RV. Clearly I’m pulling in some cash. So here’s something you guys need to understand, yes I do live in my parents house, yes I do live in this room, yes I do have a ’99 Corolla, these things are true, but I do have money and I do make money off YouTube. That’s just one thing I need to make clear, because you guys can do this f*ckin’ too! Just 2 years ago, I had not a dollar to my name, I was a worthless piece of sh*t with a brain injury that graduated college in debt, and how quicky you can turn that around, and if you believe in yourself and you know it’s possible.

Could I buy a lambo and a fucking mansion probably but the thing is I was never motivated by money and it was always about telling the story and if you don’t believe me, I think that’s proof in and of itself, but guys I mean there’s a reason you see some YouTubers rolling up it hey fucking BMWs and sh*t and they’re posting pictures of their like glamorous life is because like YouTube can provide that and you can provide that for yourself if you work damn hard, you research a lot, and watch videos like this one to be like sh*t I can do this. How YouTube works I’m telling you right now like the top 1000 creators they’re making at least probably six figures a year you can make up and over you can make millions a year there’s a ton of money in brand deals that you can get so I know there’s a lot to cover and I’m just talking and guys if you’re not content with this video it’s because I’m spending a lot of time organizing the BTS stuff so bear with me once again how ads work on YouTube.


Anybody can create a YouTube channel and start to make videos and monetize them just by clicking a button and signing up with Google adsense, Google will actually throw ads on to the video for you at that point you can take a general metric and say you’ll get around fifty cents to around two dollars per thousand views. Don’t fucking listen anyone that says you can make five dollars per thousand views or ten dollars per thousand views. They can go suck a dick; that’s not accurate; I’m tellin’ you like it is right now so throughout the calendar year there’s shitty months and there’s good months january sucks a big dick once again there’s a lot of dick sucking to be had I don’t know why I think this is a very powerful euphemism to explain that it’s bad.

March, June, September, December are good months for advertising therefore you’re going to make more money per ad on your video and there’s there’s a lot of numbers that go into it but generally the more views you get and at a certain time of year and more watch time to get the more money you will make on YouTube, for example throughout January you may be gettin’ sixty cents per thousand views as opposed to December you could be getting up the two dollars per thousand views and just thinking about it logically that’s because it’s the holiday season and advertisers are pumping more into the budget for content so let’s take for example a video that has 100,000 views while I’m talking random bullshit right now you guys can do the math say we’re doing a dollar I think dollars a great metric to use let’s say a dollar per thousand views you have a hundred thousand views that equals one hundred dollars five hundred thousand five hundred dollars 1 million views is a thousand dollars now you may be thinking holy shit you know you got to be bringing lots of views but think about it if you start to have a backlog of videos so say for a whole month you made a video a day that’s 30 videos right that last on the thirtieth day you made a video they got 5,000 views nice you got yourself five whole dollars but then think about the 29 videos you made before that and think about how those are all still getting some views so it won’t just be five dollars you made that last day it will be any of you that those 29 other videos made as well you may end the day with fifty dollars you do get paid monthly so you can see how things started to snowball no you do not get paid for subscribers the more subscribers doesn’t mean you get paid more money it’s all about views and watch time any video over 10 min it’s you can actually throw your own advertisements on it midway through the video so if you have a 30 minute long video you can have an ad at seven minutes you can have it at 14 minutes you have a 21 minutes and you can make more money that way however it’s also a trade-off because not everybody’s gonna watch a 30 minute video so let’s backtrack a bit I graduated college, had a lot of debt, I was gonna go to LA to pursue acting whatever and probably hate my life and instead I watch this video from a YouTuber that I found who only had a hundred thousand subscribers he said that he was actually earning enough to pay off rent he was earning around twelve hundred dollars a month with a hundred thousand subscribers and I heard that I was like holy shit I have only I have a couple thousand subscribers I think I could grow to a point where I can get a hundred K and believe it or not before I even had a hundred K subs I think I had maybe around ten ten thousand subscribers I was able to earn enough to pay rent and then once you can afford rent and or you’re getting that kind of income then you can afford more time to sink in to YouTube and you could be doing daily uploads you can be doing double daily uploads if the demand is there or if you have the right ideas for content there are so many things I would love to do more in when I have more time love to do more in-depth video on how YouTube works and how much you can make but i hope this serves as a good launch pad so basically the key to YouTube is kids it really is there’s a lot of children on YouTube and if you look at the content that’s popular on YouTube if you look at some of the biggest YouTubers it’s all tailored towards children like I don’t care who you are as a YouTuber you have children in your audience that’s just nature of this business it’s not TV where it’s more older it’s more older people it’s it’s kids it’s primarily kids so you see high energy like crazy ADD shit that’s what will get views and that’s what will gain subscribers and also click bait is always good and if you’re trying to get views which everybody is and then there you go one thing I was genuinely surprised by what how many viewers the psycho series had I thought for sure it would be lost on my audience and you guys wouldn’t get it but I feel like on the McJuggerNuggets channel we have a mature audience so I I know there’s a lot of you guys that aspire to be a YouTuber or even a gamer and guys I just don’t think you realize how easy it is you really it’s just one big game you gotta gotta know how to play it you know you gotta milk the trends you gotta milk popular names you know you have to come up with a concept you think kids will like with which that could be anything suffice to say you can make a lot of money off of YouTube I don’t wanna go into how much I make personally but you can make 10k a month to make 50k a month to make YouTube and the amount of people that don’t understand that like that was one of the basis of the series was the older generations don’t get it and for those of you guys with parents that don’t support you that like get off YouTube or get off the computer get off your video games if you’re doing it for a reason like if that’s your passion and and that’s what you want to pursue as a career it’s one of the best careers there has never been a better time to be famous to be fortunate then right now because it’s so easily accessible anybody can do it just through YouTube videos it’s not like you have to go go do auditions or it’s not like you have to you know get approval by somebody to get shown in front of millions you can literally make it yourself on YouTube and other platforms and I it’s worth a shot it definitely is worth a shot guys and knowing that the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can make go for it I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface like as far as MCNs go like I think they’re important once you get to a certain level and they’re coming to you with offers and things and they will take a percentage of your ad revenue but then then you’re getting brand deals and brand deals could be anywhere from like a few thousand dollars to like 50 thousand dollars like guys you’re probably not going to hear this from any other YouTubers but like I’m going to you straight up was like that series over I’m true blue with you guys like it would joke around and shit and then I’ll prank you got sometimes but but for real talk you guys can do this and I mean I’m living proof of that and yes social blade is really accurate I mean it it definitely is because they give you a ridiculous range but I mean it all goes off of the views and the watch time and if you if you’re pulling the views no matter what your sub count is like a channel with a million subs might be pulling in more money than a channel with 10 million just because they’re hot right now and getting lots of views if I could go back in time and tell myself one thing it would be this message that I’m sharing with you guys right now I truly wish that somebody told me and and somebody did but I felt it it was later than I wanted to if when you know maybe 2009 2010 YouTube or whatever is somebody told me Jesse you should put more time into your YouTube channel and I’ll be like I’m already you know creatively dedicating myself to it and like no no you need to treat it as a career because you could be making money off of it I wish somebody slap me in the face and told me that you know came four years later but now that I’m here now guys I cannot stress enough this is an incredible opportunity that our generation and other generations have been given with YouTube and and just this online gener- generation guys upload videos if you want to be a YouTuber fucking sky’s the limit but if your parents don’t believe in you like Jesse in the psycho series was like or you know you have friends making fun of you like like when I was doing this series I had so many you know I had relatives I had friends of friends family and you know Oh distant family members just being like what the fuck is your kid doing you know like why is he making these videos and and why is he making so many of them does he make money off that and you just want to slap in the face if you people like that in your life Either tell ’em f off but if they matter to you shown this video or show them the social blade and be like you realize there’s a fuck ton of money in this and that I can do it too because really I’m nothing special a lot of these other YouTube’s nothing special we just jumped in while it’s hot and making content and and making a living off this stuff now I’m not dismissing the fact that you have to be ready to bust your fucking asshole you have your way to work hard like a mofo like like nobody’s business like that’s another thing people don’t understand like making YouTube videos is really difficult to come up with an original idea daily or whenever you upload or twice daily and then the film upload and edit that shit you know not necessarily in that order but it is a lot of work day in and day out and then the spotlight and shit it’s just a lot of work that also people don’t really see because you only see the the video the product itself and that’s what I wanted to share with you guys I hope you learn something so guys you know you can use that dollar per thousand views across the board to know how much somebody makes and and you can use it comparatively but I always used it as like holy shit this is how much potential is there I want to work hard and bust my ass so I can get there too and you know provide yourself with with a future and you know and and I think what is a really cool job to have cuz you can set your own schedule and it’s unlike most jobs where you know you have this certain wage it’s like the more work you put into it the more you’ll get back from it and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

I know this was kind of like a pow wow and it turned into something weird but guys just please, please hold on to that message and I hope it’s motivating and guys like if you’re not sure what to do you know feel free to reach out let me know in the comments or if you want to see more videos like this that are a little more fleshed out and dynamic like maybe with some visuals and things let me know I’ll give it to you straight up where you need to know about YouTube money or how YouTube works or what I think would be good tips I’d love to do kind of like an educational series to help you guys grow kinda like we had #MMM which gave back to the small creators but like maybe just more of a tip series because like, I’ve learned a fucked ton in these last couple years and I’ve seen it all on YouTube and how people have like gone from zero to like four million a in few days and just like what is it just remember there’s a lot of kids on here and there’s a lot of money to be make.