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Three money making apps that you can start using today now before we do that I want to ask that you go ahead and smash that like button down below and you subscribe to my channel so you can learn more ways to work online let’s get started so the first app I want to tell you about is s’more and it’s like a screen Sider app it’s a screen saver and you just unlock your phone with it it’s fairly easy you earn ten points a day just for having the screen knock you don’t really have to do anything else other ways you can earn is by watching videos taking surveys and referring friends I like s’more because 100 points equals $1 if you’ll note if you have know anything about putting apps on your phone or anything it’s usually a thousand points to equal the dollar so s’more is really good about paying you to use their product ways that you can get paid you can get paid through Amazon gift cards Google Play gift cards Starbucks gift cards gamestop gift cards a lot of different types of gift cards that they have in like I said 100 points equals $1 I like using it I’m almost up to a hundred points and I haven’t even had the app on for 12 hours also you get a hundred points per friend that you refer now if you go ahead and sign up under my referral code and I’ll put it down below you will get 75 points just for starting the app so which I think as affair is pretty cool so you get money when you refer you get money when you do surveys and I think it’s 22 points per survey they have a lot of different options on the surveys and then you can watch videos it’s three videos per one point and they’re just like short ads they’re not I think they’re like 10 15 seconds apiece and that’s it so and then you get your 10 points a day just for having it on your screen and doing the screen lock which is cool another way that I earn passive income through my phone through this app I is called penal app okay so panel app is a thousand points per dollar now I’ve had panel app on my phone for a little over a month and I’ve already got over 1200 points and I have not done anything I’ve not done the surveys I’ve not done referrals I haven’t done anything and you can so you earn your points through surveys referrals and just having it on your phone there’s no unlocking there’s no no anything on it and they paid through Amazon gift cards Walmart gift cards Visa gift cards you can also enter sweepstakes if you want to try to win stuff but you can get guaranteed gift cards I’ll show you is cash magnet cash magnet you have to do a little bit more you can’t just download it and earn points you have to actually go into it and you have to hit that start earning button and what it does is it just like I usually do this at night because it’ll it you can’t have any other apps running it just keeps running over your app so you can’t do anything so I just hit it before bed put my screen face down and let it run because it runs apps on your phone and articles and different things here off and it’ll do that and you have a certain like you have I think it’s like six and a half hours or something that you can do this and then you earn points which is really cool now they also are a thousand points per dollar I’m at 932 points and I’m only done it for like five days now other ways you can redeem you can install apps on here these ones are for 20 points so you install the app follow the directions that they have I haven’t done any of that I just hit that start earning button and like I said I’ve only done it a few times but I’ve earned already 932 points and so that’s that’s not bad and then you can invite your friends as well so and then it’ll go through like the more points you earn you like level up more that you turn the app on and use it like I said do it at night unless you’re like in the you know in the shower or you’re at work you can even turn it on while you’re at work and just like put it in your desk drawer and let it run the apps and then you’ll be making extra money so so go ahead and download these three apps that you can make money.