Using Sequential Autoresponders For Back End Sales

If you have been concerned about not being able to make enough money through Internet marketing on your website, perhaps your traffic is low or your sales are not converting as well as you hoped. Then you can rest assured, as some real money can be made with the use of follow up emails sent directly to your list.

If you have been building up a customer list but not keeping in contact, then you have been missing out on the actual purpose of having an autoresponder. It’s important when contacting your list to be yourself. Even though you will come across readers who will unsubscribe from you for reasons such as not liking your style or way of interacting, the best ones are those who stick on for a long time because they value the information they are receiving from you.

By using a sequential autoresponder, you have the advantage of being able to write a series of emails which can be sent to all of your subscribers over a long period of time. You should write at least 5-10 emails which you store into the autoresponder. Those would be automatically sent every few days. You do in fact have the opportunity of filling up your autoresponder with emails for several years to come!

Even though it requires some effort on your part to begin with, it will become much easier and prove to be a good decision, as the autoresponder would be making money for you throughout the year.

Your emails should be in such a sequence that they seem to be telling a story, with each email ending with hints as to what would come next and every email should remind the readers about what you had mentioned earlier.

The first email should be an introduction and provide the information about where they can download the free gift that had been promised to them, and information about what they should be expecting from you in the future. You will not be aiming to sell anything in the first email.

The subjects of your emails should have the purpose of making people open your emails and then read the message that is intended for them. You should be careful not to come up with subjects that sound like sales pitches. A tip here is to make the subjects sound personal and only provide particular information that is needed to get the email opened.

Autoresponders also have the added feature of allowing you to embed codes in the email which would later be replaced once it has been sent. For instance, the name tag can be effectively used as it would get replaced by the email receiver’s name. You may also get the option of sending emails in either HTML or text format. It is a good idea to send both as some of your customers may not receive emails in HTML formats.

Over time, your customers will grow to like and trust you. This is exactly what you want. It’s not necessary or advised to send offers to your list every single week. Instead, try building a relationship of trust with your list. Then when you do have a product to offer or recommend, your customers will be much more likely and willing to listen.

I use this method myself to great effect. I usually send a product recommendation out about once a month, but I send emails every week. That way, only about one in four emails has any hint of a sales message. The other emails are hints, tips, stories, talking about the weather, what’s on TV, anything to keep the reader reading.

Try it.

Source by Phill Godridge