Video Content Speaks Louder Than Words

The content-heavy marketing tactic is losing its charm in digital marketing, as a result of which more and more businesses are responding by fashioning new ways of telling stories. Moreover, businesses are changing their digital marketing approach by becoming more visual, more informal, and a little more real. Thanks to video content – the future of Digital Content Marketing!

Currently, video content is taking textual content by storm. Until recently, textual content dominated the arena of digital marketing; however, since the majority of online audiences these days prefer watching videos than reading boring text, the latest digital marketing trend emphasizes more on content marketing strategy using online videos.

Numbers Do Not Deceive:

According to a research conducted by Cisco, videos will generate 69% of online traffic by 2017. Moreover, the study further maintains that online video traffic will mount up to 80% in next three years. Another study carried out by Nielsen states that the average internet user views approximately 206 videos each month. The study also claims that 64% of marketers are willing to incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy. In light of the evidence of the above findings, once can easily deduce that video marketing is outshining textual content.

Advantages of Video Content Marketing:

• Videos are easily searchable.

• Conveys brand message in a fun way.

• Viewer data provided by video hosting sites such as YouTube can provide marketers with useful insight into the behaviour of target consumers.

• Enhances the chances of converting prospecting into customers.

• Posting videos regularly on YouTube, Bing or Yahoo can raise search engine rankings of brands.

Online video marketing is emerging as a powerful tool for brand storytelling to offer incredible consumer engagement opportunities. Since videos appeal to one visual as well as auditory sense, they enable audiences to retain a major part of the information. For example, it is easy to retain a brand message conveyed by a TVC than an advertorial. Thus, videos form an ultimate medium for communicating brand mission as well as brand values as they can effortlessly engross consumers by offering a richer and finer experience compared to other media.

Moreover, online video marketing is the ideal tool for humanizing brands. Audio-visual content combined with humour and emotions lend a personality to brands which go a long way in drawing consumers’ attention. Narrating brand story through video can be an effectual way to strike a positive chord with audiences. What’s more, adding stunning visuals and featuring real people also communicates value to online audiences.

Another key thing to remember is that video content marketing is not just meant for big and popular brands; even small businesses need to reap its advantages. Though video content marketing is still in a nascent stage in India, small and large businesses are equally allocating funds for incorporating online videos into their content marketing strategy, in order to adopt the latest digital marketing trend.

Way Forward: Let Your Video Content Do The Talking!

In view of the fact that video content is evolving as the most preferred medium of digital marketing, businesses should be aware of the influence of storytelling through visuals. It is high time brands rolled their sleeves up to create unique video content so as to grab the attention of their target customers and establish a genuine emotional bond with the viewers. At the same time, brands should not overlook the importance of promoting their videos across multiple channels including social media.

All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that in the age of Infotainment, brands cannot afford to ignore the importance of video content as it plays a key role in entertaining as well as informing customers by bringing a series of emotions into play. Brands that are paying no heed to video content cannot expect to generate business leads through any online platform which could prove hazardous to their business.

Source by Monalisa Biswas