Video Marketing: The Top Trends In Video Production

We become very impatient when we surf the Web via mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. From page loading time to processing speed – mobile Internet users want everything fast. These users do not like to read a 100 0-word textual content even if it is interesting and useful, only because it is a time-consuming process. They rather prefer watching a video that gives out the same message as the textual content, but only wraps things up within a few minutes. As a result, video production is increasing with the increase in mobile Internet usage.

However, videographers are aware of the fact that we are a smart lot. We do not like to stick to a single thing for long if there is no innovation and modification. This is the reason fantastic video making techniques are coming up to keep our interests alive. What are these techniques? Let us have a look:

#1. Slow Motion: Slow motion makes a scene more vivid, captivating and epic in tone. It was once a domain of the pros. However, the slow motion feature is available in latest cameras and Smartphones.

#2. Sliders: Reputed Hollywood productions use this technique quite often. In this technique, the camera moves so smoothly through a scene, it increases the quality and makes the entire video more meaningful and engaging.

#3. Steady Cameras: In this technique, the camera moves along a subject. The subject is perhaps walking, running or even roller-skating; but a steady camera helps to bring viewers into the middle of the action.

#4. Aerial Footage: Videographers no longer rely on airplanes or helicopters. Drones are small and light in weight, and they can move faster and go to places no chopper can. A videographer needs to strap a camera to a drone, and control it to get an awesome shot.

#5. Color Correction: Color quality was a major reason why a high-end video was better than an average video. Now, there are new software applications in the market which can correct the colors in a video during the post-production process.

Companies now rely more on videos to tell their brand stories and connect with their target audiences. Why is it so? This is because there is no limit to what tone or form a video can take. Over 90% of US-based companies already have video marketing as a part of their marketing strategies in 2014.

So, what types of videos can we expect to see?

Mobile Video

The average time spent on watching videos on mobile devices is increasing rapidly. Companies can no longer afford to ignore their mobile customers, and they need to optimize videos in such a way that the videos can run smoothly on almost every Tablet and Smartphone.

Email Video Marketing

An email campaign is usually a very effective method. In 2013, over 65% of marketers used videos in email campaigns. Improvements in progressive playback and HTML5 can guarantee that we will see embedded videos in emails more often.

Explainer Videos

These videos are the most basic but also the most effective ones. These videos are available at the front and center of website homepages. They are usually short in length and low on vibrancy, but superb when it comes to information. They simply describe what a company does and how a product works (obviously in an interesting way).


So, these are the current trends in video production. If you are planning to include videos in your marketing campaign, I can guarantee that you will have favorable results if you follow these trends.

Source by Agnipravo Sengupta