What You Must Know About Bulk SMS

Maybe you are not yet conversant with the term bulk SMS. This article will open your eyes to what it is and how it can make your life easier! There are times when you will run into a scenario which will make you to be in need of sending the same exact message to more than one person at a time. Trying to navigate through this scenario with the normal method of sending texts can be quite annoying.

I use a Nokia C7 smartphone but in all its sophistication, trying to send a single message to over 100 persons for example is a task I won’t even think of, even if I’m bored. Not only is it stressful, you will also have to deal with character count restrictions, otherwise you will be sending 2 pages of text which equals to more money spent!

Thank God for technological advancements, we don’t have to go through all this again. Bulk SMS refers to a scenario where you simply type out a particular message and send it out to any number of persons at once without any limitations. Nice right? However, you won’t be using your phone for this. To send bulk SMS, you have to go online and locate a particular type of service provider called SMS gateway provider.

These people would provide you with the needed platform for sending the said bulk SMS. All you need to do is to register with them and start sending your messages. The good thing with sending bulk SMS is that you will be able to easily send out a particular message to as many persons as you want (even up to 1 million persons!). This saves you a lot of valuable time. Try sending a single message to let’s say, 200 persons from your phone. Good luck with that!! Also, with these bulk SMS providers, you can also be sure to save a ton of money on messaging costs.

The normal rate for sending texts in our country today is very expensive. However, with these SMS gateway providers, you will be able to send your messages at a flat rate of as low as 0.006$ directly from your computer. In some cases, it could even be lower! So when next you are in need of sending messages out to so many persons at a time. Just locate a good SMS provider and save yourself the time and money.

Source by Jackson L. Robson