You probably know that there are a lot of people are making money with blogging and you probably want to join them. However, something inside you wasn’t sure about the possibility you being successful in this area. So, the tips below are to help you to clear out your doubt so that you can start making money with this industry.

1. Personal experience

When you look at the money making blog on the internet, many of them are about the author’s daily activities. And for some reasons, a lot of readers are interested to read about other people daily life. It seems like they want to be a part of the author life and maybe learn something from the process.

So, do you have anything to share? But be sure that it is something that is special and arousing. No one like to read about what time you wake up, how you brush your teeth and what you take for lunch everyday. Monotonous and boring stuff don’t seem to help you to make money with this industry.

2. Solution

However, not all people like to expose their personal stories. In that case, can you provide any solution to solve specific problem? Let’s say you are a financial planner. What don’t you talk about credit card debt management in your blog? It is common that professionals share their specific knowledge in the field to start driving income to their pocket.

Besides that, you can even promote services and affiliate link to solve the specific problems in your blog. Many bloggers are already making money with this method. Shouldn’t you start looking into the same possibility too?

3. Customize your blog

Since you know what you want to write about, it is time you customize your blog. You don’t need to put in the latest plug-ins or flashy banners. All it need is to look like you. You just need a clean and clear template so that your readers can read your writing easily.

Then, you need to channel in your personality and show your style in the postings. A lot of bloggers felt difficult to write because they felt that they should be professional and use bombastic words for the posting. But why should you? You are supposed to set yourself free when you are blogging.

4. Take action

Just like any new bloggers, you might be afraid to put what you have read to work. You might be afraid that no one is going to read your blog and you are going to fail this business. You might be afraid that you blog is going to rank deep down in the search engine and shall never see the daylight.

But to tell you the truth, most bloggers have the same feeling when they started their blog. This is just a common feeling when you are venturing into the unknown. Still, that isn’t a good reason why you shouldn’t put your blog forward.

Besides, what are you going to lose? The internet offers quite a number of reputable free blogging platforms. You don’t need to put in any money to build the blog. Even you are to fail in blogging, all you lose is just time and effort.

Source by Wong Michael